The Rules

Time: The contest will commence at 12pm Saturday, January 28, 2017 and participants will have until 3pm on Saturday, January 28 to finish construction and decorating their snowman. Participants should check in at the Ice Fest information booth (San Juan & Main) at Noon to determine the Main Street location of their snowman. Winner(s) will be announced at 4pm at the information booth

Judging:  Judging will occur between 3 and 4pm

Prizes:  One winning entry will receive a commemorative plaque

Size:   There is no official size requirement. Participants should keep in mind entries will be publically displayed in some of the main street planter boxes so life-size is probably ideal.

Materials:   The actual snowman may be constructed of anything except snow and ice. Examples include Styrofoam, wood, paper mache’, metal or anything you can think of! Materials are not provided and are the responsibility of the participant. Permanent paint is discouraged unless drop clothes and other spill preventative materials are used. Stability measures, such as wooden or metal dowels to support your snowman are highly recommended; especially in the case of windy weather conditions.

Tools:   Battery powered Power tools are allowed; electricity will not be provided nor allowed. Keep in mind construction and decorating will occur in a public venue so appropriate safety measures should be used and participants are responsible for a safe project area.

Display Area:   Entries will be displayed along the north side of the Main Street sidewalk and or on the North Main Street concrete planters. Pieces and parts of your entry may be constructed off-site as long as the snowman is decorated on-site.

Notes:  Your snowman will be subject to the elements; please consider your masterpiece could be displayed outside for a period of one to two weeks after the contest.

Parking:  Unloading of materials and tools will be allowed along main prior to the contest. Once the building period begins at 12pm, all participant vehicles need to be moved off of main to allow for spectator and patron parking.

Cost:  Free (Signed waiver required)